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To preserve, protect, restore and improve, the natural resources and environment of Lake Temagami & Cross Lake !
Temagami Angler’s Journal

Angler’s Journal and Status of the Fishery

As the Temagami Stewardship Council we recognized to be involved in fisheries management it would be necessary to follow the tried and true strategy.

1. Gather data on the status of the fishery with creels and studies

2. Formulate a management strategy using the best possible science and the expertise of local fisheries experts

  1. 3.Gather data to determine if the management strategy is working.

In the gathering strategy stage the TSC used open water and hard water creels in which the creel crews interviewed fishermen on the lake following a scientifically designed plan. The information gathered from the interviews was extrapolated into charts and graphs to show the status of the fishery. The cost of a summer and winter creel would run around $100,000.00 a year. Complimenting the creels, the TSC conducted studies, and financed and facilitated University and fisheries studies such as FWIN and SPIN netting studies.

As an option to employing expensive creels or netting studies to gather the data on the status of the fishery we tried paper copies of the voluntary “Angler’s Journal.” In the AJ the Temagami angler was responsible for recording and then mailing his fishing information to the TSC. We offered a draw of valuable prizes to encourage anglers to participate.

Our computer expert Kerry Withrow, in Walkerton, Ontario suggested conducting the journal online. The Temagami anglers could fill in the example page shown above from our web page and submit the page automatically to the server. The data gathered was automatically turned into charts and graphs to show the status of the fishery. Again prizes were offered for entries.

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