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Asian Carp Are a Serious Threat

In his article of August 12, Chip Martin of the QMI Agency reported that John

Cooper of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is far more worried about Asian

carp entering Ontario by truck than he is of the immanent invasion of the Asian carp into

Lake Michigan from the Mississippi. Mr. Cooper went on to flippantly suggest, “that

even if they do get into Lake Michigan that they have a long way to swim to reach

Ontario waters.”

The possible, if not immanent destruction of the multi million-dollar sports

fishery and the 200 million dollar commercial fishery in the Great Lakes by the Asian

carp is an extremely credible and grave threat. I would like to think that the Ontario MNR

and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada are doing everything they possibly

can to aid the Americans and avoid this catastrophe. The frivolous comment to seemingly

belittle the seriousness of the problem was misplaced.

I would like to commend the MNR for their efforts to curtail the import of illegal

Asian carp into Ontario with the conviction in March of fish importer Feng Yang of

Markham on one count of possessing live invasive fish. However, education of the

Toronto Asian community as to the seriousness of invasive species and increased

diligence by Federal border authorities should look after that part of the threat.

I would like Mr. Cooper and his Brothers and Sisters in the MNR to understand that the

citizen of Ontario and I will hold them (and their political masters) accountable if the

catastrophe, which is an Asian carp invasion into the Great Lakes, is allowed to happen.

Do your job Mr. Cooper et al and protect the natural resources of this province

NOW before it is too late.

TSC News