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Fisheries News
Interesting reading from the Baitfish Association of Ontario, Statistical Report 2003.

The province made $359,265 from baitfish dealers and harvesters and tourist industry dealer and harvester licenses in 2003.

Total provincial value was $15,677,373. 

Provincial value of Baitfish $9,173,816, Emerald Shiners $2,175,820, Leeches $4,197,712 , Frogs $42,296, Crayfish $61,419, lake herring $26,310

Lake herring sold in NE Region was 240 dozen and a further 57 dozen in Southern Region.

NE Ontario Stats

NOTE: Baitfish is all species other than emerald shiners and is likely local trapped bait.

Baitfish harvested 555,011 dozen
Baitfish sold 580,040 dozen

Emerald Shiners harvested 3,753 dozen
Emerald Shiners sold 102,799 dozen (most of this bait comes from Lake Simcoe and Lake Erie)

Leeches harvested 44,055 dozen
Leeches sold 76,545 dozen (presently a lot of the leeches come from U.S.)

Frogs (none)

Crayfish harvested 1,694 dozen
Crayfish sold 539 dozen

Lake Herring harvested 0 dozen
Lake Herring sold 240 dozen