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Catch and Release


This “Speck” was caught by Ryan in June 2013,

3.5 lbs., 20 " long, 11.5 girth

The picture was sent to Advanced Taxidermy

And the Mount is shown below.

This is a picture of Ryan’s Spec just received from Advanced Taxidermy

Releasing a trophy fish is one of the most beneficial things you can do for the Temagami fishery. A released 5 lb. female walleye will spawn 35,000 eggs per lb. A 5 lb. released female lake trout will spawn 1200 eggs per lb. You are not only releasing a fish that may in the future provide another angler with the thrill of a lifetime but the fish has already proven to be genetically superior. Progeny from these fish will inherit the same successful genes and help to produce a strong and healthy fishery.

If you want a TROPHY….Take a picture, measure length and girth and carefully release.

Advanced Taxidermy will make you a trophy. Check them out at





905-838-4123 - Fax

3630 King St,_

Caledon, ON L7C 0R5, Canada 

Replica mounts are more durable and hold their colour longer than skin mounts

Send your trophy fish pictures to gayesmit@bmts.com and I will add them to this page of

Temagami Trophy Fish.

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Temagami Trophy Fish