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Fisheries News

The MNR is committed to managing and enhancing angling opportunities on Lake Nipissing while promoting and ensuring the sustainability of resident fish populations. As such, the MNR is moving forward with the production of an interim management plan for Lake Nipissing. This plan will take effect January 1, 2007 and will address the following issues raised during public consultation:

? Sport fishery: regulations, additional opportunities
? First Nations Fisheries
? Future fisheries assessment
? Compliance and enforcement
? Resource related education
? Fish habitat protection, monitoring and improvement
? Walleye stocking
? Lake level fluctuations
? Colonization of double-crested cormorant
? Water quality

The term of the new plan will be 2007-2010, after which time a formal data review will occur and a new 5-year plan then produced.

It is the MNR’s intention to have a draft management plan to present to the public by September 1, 2006. Implementation of the new interim plan would then take effect January 1, 2007.

For more detailed information contact:

Shaun Roberts
Large Lake Biologist
(705) 475-5537

Amanda Brosseau
District Information Specialist
(705) 475-5586