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Fisheries News
August 26, 2005

TO: Regional Directors
District Managers
Director Great Lakes Branch 
Great Lakes Managers

SUBJECT: New Fisheries Management Zones Approved

I am pleased to inform you that the new Fisheries Management Zones (FMZs) for managing Ontario’s sport fisheries have been approved. The new FMZ’s will replace the current Sport Fishing Divisions and will be in place for the January, 2007 Recreational Fishing Summary.

The new FMZ boundaries are based on ecological factors and angler use patterns such as the province’s climate zones, watersheds, fishing pressure, and road networks. In addition to reducing the number of zones (from 37 to 20), the boundaries are now easier to define on the ground. We will be producing accurate detailed maps to better define the boundaries for the new fisheries management zones to assist anglers and our Conservation Officers in the field.

This is a major accomplishment and an integral component of the ecological framework for fisheries management. Regulations and steward ship committees will be based on the new FMZ’s to help guide fisheries management for many years to come.

The Office of the Surveyor General is now undertaking the task of preparing digital and hard copy Regulation Plans (maps). These Regulation Plans will be registered under the Ontario Fishery Regulations as the legal descriptions of the FMZ’s and will facilitate defining and depicting FMZ’s in court, as well as facilitating future boundary changes. Provincial coverage of these FMZ plans will also be available to MNR staff as a digital NRVIS layer at the end of the project.

Please pass on my thanks to your staff for all the hard work over the past few years in creating the new FMZ’s. Their continued support in reviewing the final map plans is also greatly appreciated.

The EBR Decision notice can be found at http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/envregistry/024687er.htm


Dave Maraldo
Fisheries Section

C. Cameron Mack
Kevin Wilson
Gail Beggs
Fisheries Sectionhttp://www.ene.gov.on.ca/envregistry/024687er.htmshapeimage_6_link_0