Temagami Stewardship Council

Mission Statement

The Temagami Stewardship Council was formed as a legally incorporated partner with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario, on February 11, 2002. Since 1995 the Temagami Fisheries Advisory Board and the succeeding Lake Temagami / Cross Lake Focus Group has served in an advisory role to the MNR. This advisory role was not seen to be meeting the goals of the local stakeholders who wanted to preserve Lake Temagami in its current state or to make it better. The members of the Focus Group wanted to create an organization in which the stakeholders would not only be advised of, but would play an active role in, decisions affecting the natural resources and the environment of Temagami. The primary goal of the Temagami Stewardship Council which is "To preserve, protect, restore and improve the natural resources and environment of Lake Temagami / Cross Lake, in the District of Nipissing, Province of Ontario," states clearly the focus of the dedicated people that sit on the Temagami Stewardship Council.

The Temagami Stewardship Council has been formed with an aim to assist the Ministry of Natural Resources Managers of Lake Temagami / Cross Lake by providing knowledge, advice and supplemental funds. The directors on the Council include resource managers and a full range of stakeholders of Lake Temagami.


To preserve, protect, restore and improve, the natural resources and environment of Lake Temagami & Cross Lake !
TSC Mission Statement & Directors
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