Temagami Stewardship Council


To preserve, protect, restore and improve, the natural resources and environment of Lake Temagami & Cross Lake !
Trophy Contest


Owen Lund was also at CanUsa Vacations when he caught this 11 lb. lake trout with a length of 33 inches and a girth of 17 inches

Reg English of Island 970 caught this 11.5 lb. walleye in the Southwest arm of Lake Temagami on a Fire-tiger rock walker. The fish was 34.5 inches in length and had a girth of 17 inches.


The Chairman of the Temagami Stewardship Council, Gaye Smith, presenting Reg English with the Trophy Walleye Mount that Reg won for entering the Temagami Stewardship Council's Trophy Live Release Contest in 2006.

Releasing the trophy fish can be more beneficial to a fishery than a fish hatchery. A 5 lb. walleye will spawn 35,000 eggs/ lb. while a 5 Lb. lake trout will spawn 12000 eggs / lb. The TSC encouraged the live release of trophy fish by offering a chance to win a replica mount of the trophy fish released. 
Take a picture and release your trophy.